4 Reasons to Choose to Buy Used 32m Concrete Pump Truck,Very Useful

In this era of increasingly popular used market transactions, more and more people will choose to buy used concrete pump trucks. So why would people choose to buy a used 32m concrete pump truck instead of a new one? Let's talk about the benefits of buying a used 32m concrete pump truck.

Why most people will choose to buy a used 32m concrete pump truck

In this era of increasingly popular used market transactions, more and more people will choose to buy used concrete pump trucks. So why would people choose to buy a used 32m concrete pump truck instead of a new one? Let’s talk about the benefits of buying a used 32m concrete pump truck.

32m Concrete Pump Truck
32m Concrete Pump Truck

1. The price is cheap

Low price is certainly one of the first reasons to choose a used 32m concrete pump truck. The age of 3 years or less used 32m concrete pump truck cost-effective, most of them look the same as the new, Sany brand models have been considered very valuable, but the price of used 32m concrete pump truck than the new car is basically cheaper than 40 to 50%, is not very cost-effective?

2. No pain from cuts and bruises

The new 32m concrete pump truck must be “held in the palm of your hand for fear of falling, in your mouth for fear of melting” not to mention knock, touch, heartache, but the used 32m concrete pump truck will not have this concern, and the car is easier to use after the hands, the break-in period is shorter.

3. Large choice

If you want to buy a new car, the money you have may not be able to buy a new car to your liking. But if you turn to buy a used car, you can choose a lot of good models with not much money. In other words, the same amount of money, to buy used 32m concrete pump truck space and choice than the new car shopping space is quite large.

4. Low discount rate

No matter what car, as long as it is registered in the DMV, its value is decreasing every year, generally 20% depreciation after one year, 35% depreciation after two years, 50% depreciation after three years, and the more high-grade cars the greater the discount rate, but the choice of used 32m concrete pump truck is equivalent to the former owner is paying for their own discount rate.

5. Maintenance and repair convenience

New car parts many repair shops are not, if you want to buy a used 32m concrete pump truck repair, there will be no repair can not find the embarrassment of parts. But the discontinued model is another story, you must do your homework before buying.

6. Easy to achieve the pump truck dream

Because of the cheap price of used pump trucks, as long as you spend hundreds of thousands of yuan to achieve the dream of having a car, which is the reason why many customers like to buy used pump trucks. And the used 32m concrete pump truck has a high retention rate, the money lost when replacing the car is less, no heartache to replace the car, there are some discontinued classic models can only be found from the used car market.

32m Concrete Pump Truck

How many meters is the right pump truck for the city

There are many kinds of pump trucks for urban use, it mainly depends on where you want to be, different working conditions using different pump trucks, we see which kind of pump truck is suitable for themselves, have a preliminary understanding of.

Villa construction is generally 3-5 floors, so 5-story building can choose 32m concrete pump truck, the length is completely sufficient, not only in the pumping height can meet the requirements, and the mixing pump truck pumping efficiency is very high, for 5-story building construction is more than suitable.

32m concrete pump truck, loaded with powerful performance 500 forced mixer, with full hydraulic control hydraulic system, oil pressure transmission signal, making the operation becomes more simple, reliable, and significantly improve the speed of pendulum cylinder reversal, reduce the reversal shock. The fully automatic multi-point lubrication technology of one-to-one lubrication effectively prolongs the service life of wearing parts, and the first in the industry, the self-developed energy-saving control system makes the engine output power match automatically with the change of load, which minimizes the fuel loss.

Features of 32m concrete pump truck

1. Safe and reliable

The 32m boom is flexible and quick to telescope, hydraulic outrigger XXH design, occupies little space, easy to move the whole truck, large oil pump displacement, low failure rate.

2. Mature and stable technology of imported core components

The width of the whole vehicle is only 2.3 meters, which is suitable for various narrow construction environments in rural areas, and comes with high and low pressure switching. Three pumps and five valves are imported from Germany, with super pumping capacity, and various kinds of self-mixed concrete can easily cope with, without blocking the pipe.

3. Easy operation

The on-site mixer is easy to operate and convenient to construct, and it can mix 12~15 packs of cement at one time, which greatly shortens the construction cycle; equipped with remote control, convenient to open and close the door hydraulically; less maintenance cost, saving maintenance cost.

4. High working efficiency, super high cost performance

With 500 forced mixer, fast pumping speed, large pumping volume, core parts imported from Germany, excellent performance and long service life; it can undertake large volume of commercial mixer projects, and at the same time solve the trouble of on-site mixing, which is the ideal equipment for small projects.

A 32-year-old 32m concrete pump truck with a four-section boom and more than 300,000 km of accumulated mileage

Pump truck is the most important concrete conveying equipment in the modern construction process, the use of pump truck can be traced back to the 1960s and 1970s, from the initial only 2 sections of the boom, and the structure is very simple, to now more than 100 meters pump truck, during this period, the pump truck manufacturing technology has undergone a radical change, not only better performance, pumping speed is faster, but also in the direction of more intelligent The direction of development.

Do you want to know what a pump truck looked like 30 years ago? There is a 32m concrete pump truck made by Schwing in 1987, see how this pump truck is different from our current pump truck?

A 32-year-old 32m pump truck

From the appearance, it can be said that the owner of this pump truck is taking good care of it, including the chassis and the upper paint are very well preserved, the paint is still flooded with light, from the tires, this car should still be in use, although up to 32 years old, but this pump truck does not seem to be “retired” meaning.

Chassis part, this pump truck is a 6 × 4 Mercedes-Benz truck, model 2628, 26 represents the maximum load 26 tons, 28 represents the maximum engine output of 280 horsepower, it is equipped with a displacement of 14.6L Mercedes-Benz V8 diesel engine, at that time, this pump truck chassis performance is also very strong. The vehicle is equipped with a 10-speed manual transmission, including a reverse gear and a climbing gear, which is convenient for the pump truck to get out of trouble at the construction site in complicated road conditions.

The upper part is built by Schwing, which adopts the design of front swing leg and rear left and right telescopic legs. As for the boom part, the truck is equipped with a four-section boom as well as an end hose, and adopts the R-type boom folding method, with a total boom length of 32 meters, which was considered a long boom pump truck at that time.

The pumping system part, as you can see, has adopted Schwing’s skirt valve distribution method, and to this day, this technology is still used by Schwing with a high degree of maturity.

The inside of the hopper is worn to show its metallic color, indicating that this truck has been pumping concrete. There was a discussion about the service life of the pump truck, but now, as long as the pump truck chassis, boom and hydraulic system are properly maintained, there is no problem at all to use more than 30 years, not to mention that under the current technical conditions, the raw materials used in the pump truck are better.

The vehicle supports manual operation and remote control operation, the remote control system is provided by the well-known German wireless control well-known brand HBC, the operation method is no different from the current pump truck remote control.

The dashboard shows that the accumulated mileage of the vehicle has exceeded 330,000 km at present, which is about 10,000 km a year according to its average life calculation. Because the pump truck is in the pumping stop state most of the time, so the engine work is still mainly to provide power source for pumping concrete hydraulic system.

This pump truck is deservedly “long life”, at present, most of the pump truck with a decade or so, but this also has a relationship with its use of the working conditions.

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