Do you want to know the scrap tire recycling insider

Do you want to know the scrap tire recycling insider? Extraction of waste tire steel wire, profitable money-making business how to do.

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Often people ask me about scrap tire recycling, today I will tell you how to make money from scrap tire recycling? Also, welcome to have engaged in this field of friends comments message, we discuss together!

The purpose of recycling scrap tires is mainly three: steel wire, carbon black, and oil refining!

Steel wire.

Scrap tires extracted from the steel wire can be sent directly to the recycling steel mill. In contrast, the general waste tires are divided into large wire tires and small wire tires.

Large wire tires – common in large freight trucks, through the equipment, to extract the hairy wire and tire mouth steel wire for recycling, the rubber itself can be ground into rubber powder, manufactured into recycled rubber.

Small wire tires – the same as large tires, can extract part of the wire. Still, the rubber of small tires is used for a single purpose, often used for grinding powder to make waterproof materials.

Carbon black.

The refining equipment can also be made into carbon black rubber. Then, through the granulation equipment into granular, it can be used to manufacture the breathable plastic runway. Our campus and park runway is made of this material.


Rubber is dissolved and cooled through a series of high temperatures. Then using distillation technology, fuel oil can be obtained, which can be further processed to make gasoline for fuel.

scrap tire recycling insider
scrap tire recycling insider

Extraction of waste tire steel wire

The extraction of steel wire is straightforward; the investment is minimal. Only a machine, one or two workers can operate, take a scrap tire steel wire in about a minute.

Generally, two people can do about four or five tons a day. A rough estimate, a ton of scrap tires can be about half a ton of steel wire and half a ton of rubber powder, wool lap mouth recycling price of about 1000-1300 yuan per ton.

Still, the extraction of half a ton of steel wire can be sold for about 1400 yuan, leaving half a ton of rubber powder can also be sold for four or five hundred yuan.

That is to say, a ton of lap mouth total profit output value in about 1800 ~ 1900 yuan, excluding costs, a ton of profit at least earn a few hundred yuan. If one or two people can do four or five tons a day, the benefits are still good, and if the volume is large, the profits are pretty high.

scrap tire recycling insider
scrap tire recycling insider

Extraction of waste tire steel wire, reprocessing and cutting into steel wire cutting pellets.

scrap tire recycling insider
scrap tire recycling insider

Extracted waste tire steel wire, in addition to selling directly, you can also be reprocessed into steel wire cut pellets; this processing is more laborious, so profits are also relatively large, the price is double than the direct sale of steel wire to earn.

After processing steel wire cutting, pellets are mainly used in shipyards, grinding equipment, rust removal, etc.

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