How to choose mining equipment manufacturers

With the integration of mines and the pressure of environmental protection policies, a number of rough mining equipment has been eliminated. Many mining companies have considered transforming and purchasing equipment that is more in line with environmental protection requirements. So, when choosing and buying equipment, what factors should be noted?

1, the brand

Generally speaking, a bit of fame mining machinery manufacturers are relatively large, R & D capabilities, quality assurance conditions are stronger; product quality is more stable, the service life is also longer, the three package service is more timely.

2, qualification

Legitimate mining machinery are tested and controlled, product quality is relatively some unlicensed products are guaranteed. Licensed products are labeled with a seal mark. Pay special attention to some companies have many models of products, may have a product certificate, other models may not have a certificate.

3, operation manual

Product instructions should include the product model, name, implementation of the standard number, safety warning content, the meaning of the model, the main scope of application, the main technical parameters, performance and maintenance, failure and troubleshooting must be complete. Warning content should be highlighted; manufacturer’s address should be consistent with other documents and nameplates. If no address or contact number is only a cell phone number, such products are often informal manufacturers, should not be purchased.

4, appearance

Pay attention to observe the product has no bump, damage, paint and renovation signs; the welding parts of the welding seam is smooth, firm; sealing surface has no dripping oil leakage phenomenon; the gap between the parts are consistent. Generally speaking, the appearance quality of the equipment reflects the inner quality of the product to a certain extent.


After the factory equipment nameplate should be marked with the product name, model, main technical parameters, the implementation of the standard number and the manufacturer’s name, address, contact phone number, zip code, as well as the product factory number, factory date, etc.. For the possible danger of parts marked with warning signs. Operating parts or around the operating position to have marked. Marking complete, not only reflects the strict implementation of standards, but also to facilitate the user’s operation.

6, case

Before buying, you can consult with people who have such equipment, compare several brands, as the saying goes, comparison of goods, only more information about the performance of the equipment you want to buy, quality, after-sales service, etc., in order to be able to buy good quality products.

7, test run

A start performance check. Have the engine to start several times in a row to check the starting performance.
Second, the airlift check. In the normal working speed for more than a quarter of an hour of continuous airlift, check whether the machine is running smoothly, there is no abnormal sound and other conditions. After the end of operation, check the combination surface, sealing surface for oil leakage; each bearing position and transmission box whether there is overheating phenomenon.
Third, check the operating performance. The actual operation of the machine, check whether the operation is convenient, there is no deviation phenomenon, etc..
If you can not test the machine, you can manually check the operation of the machine, check whether the rotating parts are flexible, there is no jamming phenomenon.

8, protection

Most mining machinery must have protection measures. For this reason, the purchase must choose those who have reliable protective measures, with the release of hidden dangers and warning signs of the product. This is not only to use the peace of mind, and can avoid accidents. If there are products equipped with safety protection equipment, do not be greedy for cheap omit these protective equipment, to their own use of hidden dangers.

9, service

Regular mining machinery manufacturer’s products have three package voucher, which not only has a description of the three package maintenance, but also to provide three package maintenance records form; to explain the three package maintenance period and three package maintenance unit contact address, telephone, etc.. Perfect three package service is the effective protection of the use of the product, can relieve the user’s worries.

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