How to choose the right type of filter press in 2022,check it out now

We have received some questions about type of filter press one after another, and we will summarize the common problems in daily production and organize them as follows for your reference.

How to choose the type of filter press, how long the filter cloth can be used, how to overhaul?

We have received some questions about filter presses one after another, and we will summarize the common problems in daily production and organize them as follows for your reference.

How to choose the correct type of filter press? How large is the appropriate size?

A: First of all, we have to determine the solid rate of the sewage, as the name suggests, the solid rate is the proportion of solids contained in the sewage. In addition, we have to determine the amount of sewage produced every day and the working hours, and then we can calculate the processing capacity of the filter press, and then determine the volume and filtration area of the filter press, so that we can easily choose the right filter press.

Take the chamber filter press as an example, if it treats 100 cubic meters of sewage with 8% solid content per hour, it needs a filter press with a chamber volume of 8 cubic meters, and it can choose a filter press with a filtration area of 500 square meters.

What is the moisture content of the filter press mud cake to be qualified?

A: The filter press can realize the solid-liquid separation of sludge. Generally, the water content of sludge before entering the filter press is above 90%, and after the treatment of filter press, the water content of filter cake can be reduced to 30%-60%, which can be transported directly.

According to the different materials, before entering the filter press, appropriate flocculants are added to the materials to make the solids coalesce together, thus speeding up the filtration speed and improving the filtration effect.

How to start the filter press before maintenance?

A: Before filtration, start the hydraulic station, and the oil cylinder will push the pressing plate to press the filter plate, and then the hydraulic station will stop automatically when the pressing force reaches the rated value, and then start the mud pump to deliver the material to the filter press. The mud enters the filter chamber composed of adjacent filter plates through the feed hole.

Under the action of pressure, the solid particles are intercepted by the filter cloth in the filter chamber, forming a filter cake with low water content, and the filtrate is discharged from the machine by the filter plate through the medium.

How long can the filter cloth last? Can it not be changed?

A: The service life of filter cloth is generally 3-6 months. To ensure the filtration effect and prolong the service life of the filter cloth, if the filter cloth is not used for a long time, it should be cleaned, dried and stored in a dry place, and avoid folding as much as possible. If the filter press is used more frequently, the filter cloth should be replaced in time if it is found to be broken.

What are the wearing parts of the plate and frame filter press equipment?

A: Filter cloth, water nozzle and sealing ring are common wearing parts, which can be replaced in time according to the usage.

How to clean the filter cloth?

A: Three methods: First, remove the filter cloth from the filter plate, soak it in water and then gently brush off the surface debris with a brush; second, clean the filter cloth with a high-pressure water gun; third, clean the filter cloth with the special automatic cleaning device of the filter press.

What should I pay attention to in the operation of the filter press?


First, the newly purchased filter press should be commissioned by professional technicians before it can be operated.

Second, The filter cloth and filter plate should be checked before starting the operation, the filter cloth should be avoided to be folded, the filter plate should be intact and free from defects, and it is prohibited to start the machine if the number of filter plate is less than the specified number.

Third, the filtration pressure should be guaranteed within the specified range and the material concentration should be uniform, so as to achieve better filtration effect.

Fourth, after the work is finished, the feed pump should be closed before the pressure is released and the plate is pulled to unload the material.

type of filter press
type of filter press

How to overhaul the filter press?

A: It is mainly divided into unscheduled minor repair, semi-annual medium repair and annual overhaul. Minor repair is mainly to repair and replace the damaged filter cloth and handle, as well as to check the tightening of bolts and the integrity of valves, fittings and pressure gauges.

Medium repair includes cleaning of oil tank and oil filter, replacing lubricating oil and cleaning of lubricating parts. The overhaul includes the inspection and repair of all parts of the machine body.

How to deal with the common trolley failure of filter press?

A: There are more common trolley failures, mainly including the trolley will not play, can not pull the plate; trolley stroke is not in place; trolley can only take the plate can not pull the plate; pull the plate trolley jumping plate and so on. The reasons are mechanical failure and electrical failure 2, if it is a mechanical failure, you need to adjust the chain tension, check whether the gear is stuck. If it is an electrical fault, you need to check the control system and adjust the relevant parameters.

What are the reasons for the uneven mud cake of the filter press?

A: First, the installation position of the fabricator is too high, and it is impossible to adjust the position of the fabricator; second, the fabricator is partially blocked, resulting in uneven fabric diffusion, and the blockage needs to be cleared; third, the local wear of the mud rake is serious, which greatly reduces the local sludge filtration effect and still shows strong fluidity after entering the press area, and the damaged mud rake needs to be replaced in time; fourth, the uneven wear of the reverse wiper plate becomes wavy, resulting in uneven mud thickness in the area, and needs to be replaced.

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