Jaw crusher discharge port clogging

Jaw crusher discharge port clogging, find the cause, eliminate the problem from the source

Although the jaw crusher discharge opening blockage is a minor fault, it can affect the performance of the crusher and the subsequent process of the whole production line.

Once the blockage occurs during the jaw crusher operation, the feed should be stopped immediately, and the jaw crusher should be completely shut down to clear the blocked material and check the connection degree of each part, and re-fix the loose parts.

What are the main reasons for the blockage of the jaw crusher discharge opening? How to avoid blockage during maintenance?

Causes of blockage at the discharge port

1 When the jaw moves away from the fixed jaw, it is the process of discharging material. Once the speed of material falling in this process is slow, a large amount of material is blocked in the crushing cavity, which will cause the jaw crusher discharge opening to be blocked.

2 The main transmission method of the jaw crusher is to drive the flywheel through the v-belt for high-speed inertia rotation, and to be able to drive the pulley requires two conditions.

First: the motor power is sufficient.

Second: the v-belt is strong enough.

Generally, the v-belt is prone to failure. If the v-belt is loose and broken, a large amount of material cannot be crushed in the crushing chamber, and then blocked in the crushing chamber and cannot be discharged, forming a blockage.

When the eccentric shaft bushing is loose, it will cause the eccentric shaft to be stuck, and when the eccentric shaft cannot rotate, the moving jaw cannot continue to rotate, resulting in the discharge opening being blocked and the material cannot come down.

4 The motor of jaw crusher needs a certain voltage to work normally, if the voltage of jaw crusher is too low, there will not be enough power to drive the equipment to crush the material, then there will be a lot of stone blocked in the crushing cavity, leading to blockage and stoppage.

5 The main bearing of the jaw crusher is the main power component which is responsible for the rotation of the equipment to crush the material, the failure of the main bearing will seriously affect the production performance of the jaw crusher and finally make the discharge opening of the jaw crusher blocked.

Ways to prevent clogging of the discharge opening

  1. Pay attention to ensure that the material hardness is within the tolerance range of the equipment.
  2. eliminate uncrushable materials from entering the crushing chamber.
  3. screen the large particle size materials in advance, and only allow the materials that meet the feeding particle size to enter.
  4. increase the discharge opening without affecting the fineness.
  5. the angle of the jaw plate at the discharge opening should not be parallel.
  6. control the moisture content of the material to avoid bonding above the jaws.
  7. Clean the crushing cavity frequently and add lubricating oil to enhance the lubrication of the parts.

Jaw crusher discharge opening adjustment method

Depending on the type of equipment, there are basically three ways to adjust the discharge opening of the jaw crusher as follows.

  1. Hydraulic adjustment: The rear thrust plate is used as the crusher’s safety device. The jaw crusher adopts hydraulic safety device, which is reliable and safe, and also easy to discharge the fault.
  2. Shim adjustment: Use the starting bolt to open the adjusting seat and put or take away a set of shims of equal thickness between the rear thrust plate support and the rear wall of the frame. Use to increase or decrease the number of shim layers to reduce or increase the discharge opening of the crusher.
  3. Support device adjustment: It means that in the bearing part of the jaw crusher, sliding bearings cast with pasteurized alloy are generally used, which can withstand larger impact loads and are more wear-resistant, but turn to low efficiency and require forced lubrication.
    Do a good job of daily maintenance of equipment, regular inspection, eliminate hidden problems, it will largely reduce the failure phenomenon.

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