Nine standard mining machinery dynamic schematic

Mining machinery is divided into many types, such as mining equipment, excavation equipment, crushing and grinding equipment, mineral processing equipment, mining engineering machinery, etc. Different machinery has different working principles.

Today summarized nine standard mining equipment working principle diagrams; I hope you like, please collect!

1 , Jaw crusher

Jaw crusher is a crushing machine that uses two jaws to crush materials of various hardnesses by squeezing and bending. The crushing mechanism consists of fixed jaws and movable jaws. When the two jaws are close together, the material is crushed. When the two jaws leave, the material smaller than the discharge opening is discharged from the bottom. Its crushing action is intermittent. This type of crusher is widely used in mineral processing, construction materials, silicate, and ceramics industries because of its simple structure, reliable operation, and ability to crush hard materials.

2 , Cone crusher

The working principle of cone crusher is the same as that of the gyratory crusher. Still, it is only suitable for medium or fine crushing operations. Therefore, a parallel zone must be set up in the lower part of the crushing chamber, and the speed of the crushing cone must be accelerated so that the material is squeezed more than once in the parallel zone.

3 , Impact crusher

The impact crusher is a machine that crushes materials by repeatedly impacting them with the plate hammer’s high-speed impact and the impact plate’s rebound. The plate hammer is mounted on a rotor rotating at high speed. Several impact plates are arranged at different angles along with the crushing chamber.

4 , Hammer crusher

The hammer crusher is a crushing machine that uses the high-speed impact of the hammerhead to crush materials in medium and fine sizes. The hammerhead is hinged on a rotor rotating at high speed, and the lower part of the body is equipped with a grate bar to control the discharge size. The material fed into the crusher is first crushed by the impact of the high-speed hammerhead. At the same time, it gains kinetic energy and flies at high speed to the crushing plate on the inner wall of the casing, and is crushed again. As a result, the material more minor than the grate gap is discharged from the machine. In contrast, the fabric more significant than the grate gap is again impacted and ground by the hammerhead on the grate until it is smaller than the grate gap and is discharged.

5 , Classifier

6 , Composite crusher

7 , Sand making machine

Vertical impact crusher is suitable for crushing and shaping soft or medium-hard and tough materials. It is widely used in various ores, cement, refractory materials, aluminum clinker, diamond sand, glass raw materials, mechanical construction sand, stone materials, and various metallurgical slag, especially for silicon carbide, diamond sand, sintered bauxite, American sand, and other high hard, extra hard and abrasion-resistant materials with higher output and efficiency than different types of crushers.

8 , Double stick crusher

9, Ball Mill

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