The eight taboos of pump truck maintenance

Although the concrete pump truck looks tough, many parts still need to be well cared for and protected because they are fragile; improper maintenance is easy to have a big accident. Unfortunately, many people have a lot of unfair practices in maintenance, which affects the service life of the concrete pump truck.

We have summarized eight maintenance taboos; take a good little notebook to write down!

The grease application is not correct

The primary role of grease is lubrication and sealing; some repairmen in the maintenance process will be in the cylinder gasket grease. This can increase the sealing performance of diesel engines. However, this is really wrong. Because if you apply oil on the cylinder gasket, some grease will flow into the cylinder when the cylinder bolt is tightened. The rest of the fat on the outside will also cause a gap between the cylinder gasket, cylinder head, and the plane of the body after being affected by high temperature, which will reduce the original sealing of the cylinder gasket.

Never change the oil

The role of oil in the concrete pump truck is vital; many repairers pay great attention to this. They add it precisely according to the standard requirements. However, many mechanics forget to check the quality of the oil and replace the metamorphic oil. Long-term, simply adding without changing the oil will make many parts of the engine work in a poorly lubricated environment, resulting in wear and tear far beyond the normal state. Moreover, the diesel engine in the process of operation, a lot of dirt will also enter the oil; if long-term oil is not replaced, it is easy to cause burning tile, holding shaft, and other accidents.

Cylinder liner and piston products are installed without combination

Many mechanics in the maintenance think the new products should be the standard parts. Therefore, when facing new cylinder liner and piston products, they often do not look at the specific size. This will cause multiple times cylinder liner and piston products to mismatch. When the most significant cylinder with the smallest size piston will make the gap between the two too significant, compression powerless.

Using open flame to heat up the piston

In installing the piston pin, the piston should be heated and expanded first. Many maintenance personnel put it directly on the open fire to heat it for the sake of convenience. However, because the thickness of each part of the piston is not uniform, heating it on an open fire will cause uneven heating and eventually lead to deformation. Therefore, the correct heating method puts the piston into the hot oil.

Abrasive cloth polishing shaft tile

Scraping tile is a relatively high technical content of construction machinery maintenance work; many repairers, because their own technology is not up to scratch, will be in the process of scraping tile directly with sanding cloth for grinding. However, sand cloth rubbing sand particles on the fabric is straightforward to embed in the alloy, accelerating the wear of diesel engine journals.

The bolt is too tight

In the process of construction, machinery maintenance, in fact, is not the tighter the bolt, the safer. This is mainly because many parts of the torque for the bolt are required. However, many repairers do not think so, they will be as tight as possible, which will quickly cause the bolt to break, or the threads slip.

Tire pressure is too high

Many mechanics ignore tire pressure during the process of inflating tires. This will quickly cause the concrete pump truck in the summer to burst tire situation.

Water tank open pot with cold water

Heat dissipation and other circumstances will cause the water tank to empty the pot in the engine overload operation. The first reaction of many mechanics is to add water, but adding cold water will cause the cylinder head. Again, the cylinder block blows up, so this time should first stop the engine, wait for its natural cooling after the water.

After all, when you repair the pump truck is not already remembered these taboo places; remind everyone that the pump truck also needs to be adequately cared for, so in the future, the maintenance of these incorrect places can be avoided.

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