6 most important differences between jaw crusher and hammer crusher

Jaw crusher and hammer crusher are the first process equipment for coarse crushing, what is the difference between them?

Jaw crusher and hammer crusher are the first process equipment for coarse crushing, what is the difference between them?

Jaw crusher and hammer crusher

Jaw crusher, also known as jaw crusher, jaw stone breaker, jaw broken, widely used in mining, building materials, highways, railroads, water conservancy, chemical industry and other industries for coarse crushing of various minerals and rocks, coarse crushing of various ores and large pieces of materials.

jaw crusher and hammer crusher
jaw crusher and hammer crusher

Hammer crusher, referred to as hammer break, is mainly used for stone crushing in building materials industry, construction of highways and railroads, and other industries where stone is applied. It is suitable for crushing operation of various materials of medium hard and below, such as limestone, gypsum, brick and tile, slag, coal gangue, salt, chalk and other materials. It can directly crush materials with large particle size of 750-1500mm to about 20mm.

jaw crusher and hammer crusher
jaw crusher and hammer crusher

So, when to use jaw break and when to use hammer break, you have to understand the differences in these aspects first!

Appearance and working principle are different

The working principle is also very different. The jaw crusher works by squeezing and crushing, consisting of two jaw plates, the moving jaw and the static jaw, which simulate the movement of two jaws of animals and complete the crushing of materials, so it is also called “tiger mouth”.

When the hammer crusher is started, the motor drives the rotor to rotate at high speed and the material enters the cavity of the hammer crusher and is crushed by the impact of the rotating hammer head, shearing, tearing, mutual impact of the material and the counterattack of the liner plate.

Different crushing materials

Jaw crusher can crush various soft and hard materials, such as granite, quartzite, pyrochlore, river pebbles, iron ore, etc.

The hammer crusher is mainly used to crush the ores with low hardness, the compressive strength is generally lower than 200Mpa, such as: limestone, green stone, coal gangue, etc. When crushing hard materials, the hammer head wear is serious, it may cost thousands of dollars to replace a set of hammer head, and for ordinary high manganese steel hammer head some 2 or 3 days need to be replaced, the cost is too high.

Discharge adjustment mode is different

Hammer crusher adjusts the discharge size by replacing the bottom screen plate.

Jaw crusher has more adjustment options, Shibang European version jaw crusher has 3 kinds of adjustment methods: pad adjustment, wedge adjustment and hydraulic cylinder.

Different configuration of production line

Generally speaking, the jaw crusher has high needle content in the discharge, which needs to be shaped with impact crusher, so we often see the configuration of jaw crusher + impact crusher.

Hammer crusher is mainly used in industrial primary crusher, one time forming, no secondary crushing and shaping process, so in small and medium-sized production lines often use a single hammer crusher.

The application of sand and gravel aggregate line is different

Although the process is simple, but the finished product rate is low, easy to over crush, powder material, and the finished aggregate may produce micro cracks, low compressive strength, affecting the quality of the aggregate, also affect the sales and price, so it is often used as auxiliary sand making equipment.

Jaw crusher is often used as the primary crushing equipment for aggregate production line, followed by impact crusher or cone crusher for medium crushing, and then sand making machine for fine crushing and reshaping.

Different Structure and Wearing Parts

Hammer Crusher is mainly composed of casing, rotor, main shaft, lining plate and striking plate. Hammerhead is the key vulnerable part.

hammer-crusher parts vs jaw crusher parts
jaw crusher and hammer crusher:hammer-crusher parts vs jaw crusher parts

Jaw Crusehr is composed of frame, transmission device, adjusting device, tension device, safety device and lubrication system. The jaw plate is the main wearing part.

Both jaw crusher and hammer crusher are common coarse crushing equipment, with large crushing ratio and simple structure, but hammer crusher works by impact energy, and the finished product has better granularity. Which equipment to choose, or need to be based on the specific process needs.

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