What kind of cone crusher is better for crushing basalt

Common cone crusher are mainly: spring cone crusher, hydraulic cone crusher. Hydraulic cone crusher is divided into: single bar cone crusher and multi-cylinder cone crusher.

Common cone breakers are mainly: spring cone breakers , hydraulic cone breakers . Hydraulic cone crusher is divided into: single bar cone crusher and multi-cylinder cone crusher.

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First of all, the difference between spring cone break and hydraulic cone break.

Spring cone break is the early cone break, which adopts spring device for clearing and protection, while hydraulic cone break adopts hydraulic cylinder, which is relatively more intelligent and safe.

In the process of basalt crushing, which hydraulic cone breaker is better to choose?

Basalt hardness is high, the choice of crushing equipment should pay attention to crushing force, durability and productivity, so single-cylinder cone breaker and multi-cylinder hydraulic cone breaker is a good choice.

Single-cylinder cone breaker is vertical structure, which is obviously different from other series from the appearance, and also combines electrical, hydraulic and mechanical into one, the unique concept of constant cavity design can extend the service life of liner plate about 2 months, the overall production efficiency, processing capacity and wide range of application.

After optimizing the crushing cavity, the multi-cylinder hydraulic cone breaker can achieve a more uniform discharge while reducing its own consumption.

The commonly used one in the market is single bar cone breaker. Single bar cone breaker has multiple cavity types to meet various production requirements Single bar cone crusher has multiple cavity types for medium and fine crushing, which can meet the demand of second, third and fourth stage crushing after coarse crushing of jaw crusher. Fully automatic and more intelligent Single Bar Cone Crusher adopts fully automatic control system, which can continuously monitor the actual load inside the crusher, so as to optimize the utilization rate of the crusher.

It also adopts the integrated design of hydraulic station and lubrication station, which saves equipment installation time and makes production operation easier. Laminated crushing, good stone quality Single-bar cone crusher adopts the principle of laminated crushing, which can reduce the needle flake content to less than 8%, producing better aggregate granularity, higher strength and more in line with the requirements of high-quality aggregates.

Multi-cylinder cone crusher and single-bar cone breaker are the same in performance, the difference lies in the details of the process and the price.

Relatively speaking, the price of multi-cylinder cone breaker is slightly higher, so the use of single-bar cone breaker is more common. If you want to crush basalt, single bar cone crusher can be a preferable choice in the field of cone crushing.

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Single bar cone crusher also has the following characteristics.

Single cylinder cone crusher generally has high crushing efficiency, simple operation, low running cost, energy saving and consumption reduction, green environment protection and easy maintenance.

1. Adopting advanced crushing technology, integrating mechanical, hydraulic, electrical and intelligent control technology.

2. New crusher structure, optimized laminated crushing cavity type, the processed stone granularity is good

3. All intelligent automatic control system, intelligent control, one key start, easy to use.

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