Why is the mobile crusher so expensive

Mainly because the mobile crusher has many advantages, and other equipment does not have.

For example, its mobility, in other crushers all need to land to build to produce the case, mobile crusher can be mobile and flexible independent movement, solve the space problem that has plagued us for many years.

For example, its automation degree, equipped with PLC intelligent system, one person can be remotely controlled, not only to save labor costs but also safe and convenient. There is also its integration, modular design, a machine set screening, crushing, conveying in one, equivalent to a production line, but also a mobile production line, with the use of the core configuration to replace as needed, such characteristics are also unprecedented.

In addition to the above points, the mobile crusher is also equipped with noise reduction and dust removal devices, dual power drive, free switchable utility and diesel, all of which add to the selling point of this machine, and it can only be said that the mobile crusher is expensive because it is value for money.

Why is the mobile crusher so expensive? Let’s take a look at how convenient it is for users.

Mobile crusher is characterized by mobile operation, walking freely, more convenient transfer, to ensure the safety of the production of equipment at the same time, work more reliable operation.

A complete mobile crushing production line is typically paired with a mobile jaw crusher + mobile impact crusher, with dual machines to achieve coarse and fine crushing operations of stone and construction waste. It only takes a few days to set up the whole production line without piling, which is nearly thirty days faster than the fixed crushing line.

Advantages of mobile crusher: Mobile crusher has the features of reasonable matching of crushing equipment at all levels, smooth discharge of the whole line process, reliable operation, convenient operation, green environment protection, etc.

Especially, it has good mobility and can be extended together with raw material place or construction site, and can make various combinations to meet different material needs.

1, The whole vehicle has compact structure, small turning radius, low requirements for road transportation loading conditions, convenient and quick conversion and access to the site.

2, Movable crusher is launched to eliminate the construction of cumbersome steel frame structure and foundation when crushing, and reduce the floor space.

3, Mobile crushing plant modular, intelligent operation design, one person can operate, work more stable, the overall output increased.

4, Processing finished products with high rate and full specifications, cubic in shape, no tension and cracks, quite good grain shape and less powder.

5, The feeding guard adopts graded double-layer structure, which provides the conditions for the guard to extend and personalize the widening.

6, And the double power drive, between utility and diesel, freely switch, keep good condition at any time and anywhere.

The biggest advantage of mobile crusher can be summarized in one sentence, that is, it can be moved at any time to crush at any time.

This is the main place where it differentiates from traditional crushing and fixed crushing.

If we are specific about the details, the main advantages of mobile crusher are reflected in three aspects.

1, Durability: Due to the characteristics of crushing hard stone, easy wear and tear has become the common problem of traditional crushers. The mobile crusher adopts a full steel frame structure, which is firmly assembled and can be extended and telescoped for operation. The whole structure of the machine is made of more wear-resistant materials, which is relatively more durable.

2, Save time and money: A mobile crushing can contain all the equipment needed for ore crushing production, and can start the production operation at any time, eliminating the material transportation link and infrastructure construction steps, making the whole production save time and money.

3, Intelligent control: Nowadays, crushing production tends to be intelligent and numerically controlled. The mobile crushing is a good example in this regard. The whole set of mobile crusher adopts computer control to realize automatic feeding, intelligent material distribution, scientific control of feeding quantity and time, which makes the whole production realize automatic process and greatly saves manpower cost.

A friend summarized the reasons for the high price of mobile crusher like this: 1.

1, the uniqueness of itself

The biggest feature of mobile break is that it can be moved. If you build a production line on the ground, it will take up a lot of space, which costs a lot of money, plus the labor cost of building and transporting materials, which is not a small amount. The mobile breakage concentrates the production line on one machine, and it can run around in various complicated operating environment. Plus it has PLC intelligent system, through a touch screen can be operated and monitored, greatly saving manpower, safe and convenient and high efficiency.

2, market characteristics as the saying goes, “things are precious when they are rare”.

Mobile broken is a relatively new type of crushing equipment, it flowed in the market for a relatively short period of time, mastering the production technology of a few manufacturers; in addition, the cost of manufacturing a mobile broken is extremely high, after all, is a large equipment. Therefore, it makes them more expensive.

In short, after the use of mobile broken is a trend, an investment to save heart, energy, high efficiency, create a large income, a little more expensive, so what.

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